Hurtling into midwinter…and beyond


Facebook memories keep reminding me just how much I am a creature of habit – certainly where December is concerned. This is both reassuring and a bit worrying. While it good to have traditions to follow each year to create family memories – it’s a worry that where December and Christmas is concerned I rarely learn seem to learn from my mistakes.

I wonder for example if I will ever reach a nirvana of organisation and be that person who is found sipping a warm comforting drink early on Christmas eve, feet up and reading ‘Twas the Night before Christmas ‘ to my assembled family- instead of spending most of Dec 24 eve squirrelled away in a separate room, getting wrapping induced backache as I power through all my wrapping, before collapsing into bed around 1am on Christmas morning.

And maybe one year I will go through all my crossed out handwritten versions of addresses and create a Christmas card database of labels – making the Christmas card writing a joy rather than a last minute frenzy.

And next year ( should I choose to take part in Marcothon again ) I will remember to write my blog – little and often and not as I am today – scribbling something by way of a catch up before I head out for my final run…



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