It’s January ! War and Peace on TV and it’s snowing …

january blog post - 1 So January is a bit of a bugger – you have to drag yourself back to work after all the fun of December and settle down to brand new year of what turns out to be much the same as the past year. And of course it being a new year it is time to start afresh and make resolutions and just generally endeavour to be a much better person. But then it turns out that on January 1st and to be fair, pretty much all of January it is still dark in the morning, dark in the evening and the weather is just as dismal as it was in December.

And if you work you are back to same old groove but this time there are no Christmas parties to enliven the ennui.

january blog post - 1

january blog post - 1 (1)

But on the massive up side – TV is much,much better.  So on those hours when I am not stuck at my desk or in a meeting or driving through darkness to get to my desk- I am spoiled for choice. Silent Witness, Endeavour, Countryfile ( I know ! ) and War and Peace – fan-bloody-tastic – now I genuinely do not have to read that book or feel guilty about not having read it.

january blog post - 1 (1) january blog post - 1 (2) january blog post - 1 (3)

And by way of a wee weather bonus – this weekend the unrelenting grey of rain gave way to some snow – just enough to make the skies bright and my Sunday run uplifting and magical.

January – you ROCK !!!

january blog post - 1

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