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Hello and thanks for dropping by.

I’m Margaret and I live in Edinburgh with my husband now our two adult daughters are fully-fledged and carving a life for themselves in London.

When  I started writing this blog we were  new to navigating the lands of intermittent empty nesterdom, but wind forward five years and we are established in this stage of life as parents of absent adult children.

Blogs like life evolve – when I first started writing it was on the the back of a running challenge – running every day in December, and while I do still write about running, the topics are just as likely to be about observations of  life in general – whether seen while commuting, or in my days as an aspiring  flaneuse in Edinburgh or London, or wherever I may be strolling.

The other big change for me has been with my work. In  2017 and after 8 enjoyable years I left my job as European marketing director of  travel company  Canvas Holidays to embark on a new career adventure.

I now work as a freelance marketing consultant providing advice and interim support for a variety of businesses. I enjoy the variety and am always interested in having a conversation about new projects.

You can find out more about the marketing services I offer  here

Beyond work, I love getting outside in all weathers, taking pictures, finding interesting numbers, and spending time with friends far and near. Writing this blog is sometimes intermittent and like most of life – is a work in progress.

PS  Despite my instinctive Scottish reserve, I love to hear your thoughts about the blog and any comments and enjoy being a small part of the amazing conversation of the online world.

9 thoughts

  1. Margaret, you can do this. Mainly because you wanted to do this, and you haven’t stopped in the middle of your training to start a new hobby…or watch something on the TV with flour on your hands. Go run, get your medal and celebrate what you are capable of. For then we drink wine! Love you, Senga X

  2. I’m loving your blog and your photos. I studied abroad in Edinburgh a couple years ago so reading your blog and seeing your photos feels a little like coming home. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. Anna – thank you for reading my blog and glad it brings good memories, is always nice to hear from fellow travellers & edinburgh lovers of course.

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