Traveller’s tales


Right now living in Edinburgh and working in Fife as I do, the big conversation topic is the Bridge – not the Scandinavian crime drama – but my dear Forth Road Bridge that since December 3rd has been closed to all traffic.

Journeys to work are now made by some combination of walk, bus,run and train (I draw the line at swimming across the Forth ) as driving the alternative route would add a 2 hour drive to my commute.

Taking the train is fine by me and I often choose it over driving. I prefer it to being trapped in my car in a queue of stationary traffic and enjoy a walk before work.  But this enforced train commuting has added an extra dimension to organising when and where to fit in my daily run and the associated logistics of clean clothing.

Not for the first time I have thought how much easier my life would be and particularly my December running life if I could just spend all my time in running clothes.

I suspect this might not go down too well with my work colleagues or fellow commuters, and managing that seamless -day wear to party look might be a bit more of a challenge !

So instead I have mastered the art of capsule dressing and finding clothes I can stuff into a backpack without creasing.  As I have to fit round train timetables, I am squeezing in runs in the early hours,the late hours and anywhere in between and as if by magic – it is December 20th and so far not a day missed.


Day 20

Total mileage 71.3


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