The one where I unleash my inner domestic goddess

Edinburgh crane
Edinburgh crane

Some weekends just drift by aimlessly and when Monday beckons and colleagues ask what you got up to, your mind draws a blank. In my case even if I could remember any real detail ( and alas these days memory loss not due to Bacchanalian excess ) it is likely to be so pedestrian that I choose to say “nothing much” to avoid that awkward ‘eyes glazing over’ effect.

My weekend tales definitely fit into the ‘cool story bro’ category.

Edinburgh skyline silhouette
Edinburgh skyline

But I love my weekends, punctuated as they are by Saturday and Sunday morning runs, watching my daughter play hockey, spending too much time reading weekend papers, doing a bit of cooking, listening to the crazies on Radio 4 ‘Any answers?’, watching rubbish TV , faffing about on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Edinburgh canal view
Late autumn canal view

Nike+run route

It’s a pretty packed schedule fitting it all in.

But every now and again I have a weekend where come Sunday evening I reckon I have really made the most of my two days away from the hamster wheel.

In the spirit of  showing off show and tell – this weekend I ran 11.78 miles, made our Christmas cake, cleared out the baking cupboard of its’ out of date dried fruits ( not that these 2 tasks are in any way related ! ) and made winter seed cakes for the birds.

Dried fruit for Christmas cake
Dried fruit

Christmas cake mixtureempty bowl

Christmas cake wrapping
cake ready for oven
Christmas cake cooked version
Ta Dah !

This is the closest I am likely to get to my inner Domestic goddess, and so I am basking in the smug glow of accomplishment whilst sipping a winter kir ( made from home made Cassis of course ) and looking forward to Monday.

Cheers !

Cassis and wine Kir

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