November cold moon running

frosty sign

I hate to admit it , but I am not the best finisher. My bedside has towers of barely read books, my cupboards are littered with half knitted jumpers and bags of beautiful material waiting to be made into who knows what, I have lost track of how many diaries I have started and given up on after a week or two and maybe one day I will file my paperwork.

So no one is more amazed than me at my ability to keep on running. It seems to be where my commitment and desire to complete is never in question and the project I will never tire of . There are no half made jumpers in my running closet !

running shoes

That’s not to say I do not have times when I struggle to get out the door. November in Scotland is not for the faint hearted or fair weather runner – and much of the motivation in winter running comes from the remembrance of how good you will feel after the run- when skies are grey/purple/ black, temperatures in single figures, wind is howling and rain lashing, the lure of the cosy living room is strong.

don’t look so worried !

Our after hours winter run is a street route with a couple of nippy hills, and much of it is running alongside rush hour traffic, but we always manage to keep a conversation going through these interruptions. Recently I have noticed that while I used to dread this harder route, I don’t find it so bad this winter- the hills don’t feel so challenging and it seems to breeze by.

After a busy week where work has kept me indoors more than I might have wanted, a swift 3 mile run in Edinburgh moonlight was the perfect end to the day.

moonlight nike run

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