Lordy – commuting – dull or what ? Every day millions of us step out the door and follow whatever is our regular path to get to work; driving, taking the train, bus, plane, cycling, walking.

It takes a shed load of time and  if you add it all up a big part of life – but probably best not to make a tally, unless you want to know just how many days of your life you have spent sitting on a road somewhere that you will just never get back.

But …travelling the same route daily has its benefits. Seeing those familiar faces at the same places with a shy acknowledgement, the welcome routine of the coffee shop or witnessing the ever changing seasons – being a part of the best and the worst weather.

And the skies.

Staring out of train and bus windows or stationary in a car -skies are huge and clouds dance. Weather shifts before you.

Commuter bonus

March commuting blog - 1

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