Finding beauty in the groove of constants

The ‘Facebook memories’ feature throws up some gems from years back, but mostly serves to remind me – 1. How often I talk about running on Facebook and 2. That I seem to do a lot of the same stuff over and over.

The other day my memories included blog posts written in February 2013 and 2014 respectively – mostly talking about my training (or lack of ) for the Inverness Half – and apart from acting as a further reminder that I used to be more disciplined about blogging – I enjoyed re reading what I was doing this time 3 years back.

I am writing this at 7am before I head out running with my regular run companion Alison – something I do virtually every weekend and have done now for the past 6 years or so . Our run route is usually a few variations of the same corner of Edinburgh, where we often pass the same regular fellow runners, dog walkers and just folk out for a stroll.  Despite this repetition I can’t say I have ever thought it boring to run in the same place – or with the same person !

There are some routines and patterns that are comforting, and never seem to lack appeal. I know although I run on the same route often – we run through different seasons and there is always something new to notice, and to talk about or even just to observe. The welcome familiarity of the cycle of nature – changeable weather,the return of the wild garlic, leaves falling then reappearing on trees, the heron fishing, the light fading into autumn then changing with the lengthening days.

I think maybe the familiarity of routine helps me to see more. Today’s familiarity brings bright blue skies and hard frost. Beautiful




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