Decemberism – hello old friend

Decemebr blog post - 1

As I get older time seems to pass quicker – except when I am in an interminable work conference call – and so here I am again at the close of another year and the beginning of the twelfth month  – which for me means amongst other things  – taking part in Marcothon and running every day in December.

This is the fifth year I have chosen to join this personal challenge, so I kind of know what to expect.

Decemebr blog post - 1 (1)

I know that I will become very quite obsessive about weather forecasts, and I will spend way too many thinking hours working out when and where to run and that I will have to fit at least one, and probably several of the daily runs around a silly work and pre Christmas party schedule.

Decemebr blog post - 1 (1)

Decemebr blog post - 1 Decemebr blog post - 1

I will plan but never quite manage to make myself a new December running playlist – and so will struggle through the month and 100 odd miles listening to a loop tape of the same tunes and will then know the lyrics of every one of those songs for precisely the duration of my run but then instantly forget them as soon as the run is complete.

Decemebr blog post - 1

Decemebr blog post - 1 (1)

I will live in fear of a hard frost and icy pavements, and each day will start with a peek through the curtains to the skies outside , so as to visually verify what the four different weather apps I own have already told me.

Decemebr blog post - 1

Decemebr blog post - 1

Decemebr blog post - 1

I will look and fail to find those flashing thingies that make me more visible when running in darkness, and finally my kit hygiene standards will diminish in direct proportion to the number of days run …

Decemebr blog post - 1

Would not have it any other way.


Week one completed

Total mileage 23.8

Decemebr blog post - 1 (2)




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