Dear diary …


I read an article in a newspaper recently about how good it was to keep a diary, and reading the handwritten notes and honest voices of keen diarists , I felt a bit of sadness that I have never quite managed to maintain any consistency of journal keeping.

The closest I have got to any kind of regular recording of thoughts has been this blog and it’s been nagging me recently that there has been a fair sized hiatus since the last post.




Not that I imagine anyone is on the edge of their seat , as this writing is hardly cliffhanger stuff, but is odd how if once you skip a beat how easy it is to lose your rhythm and then drop the baton ,and before you know it your musical writing metaphors are all jumbled up, and you can’t think of anything worth saying.

green trees

And so just as when faced with a blank page, I would start my childhood journal efforts with a detailed record of what I ate that day to get the writing muscle warmed up, sometimes you just have to write something down.


Since I last wrote a whole season has been and gone and our summer has left the building. Now when I wake at 6am its darkish, and the sun is low – there is a cool freshness in the mornings and the evening dark comes quicker.



I love all seasons, and Summer in Scotland , although rarely warm and balmy is blessed with long, long days – days when you can run in the best places at the best times, at either end of the day. But as the street light switch on becomes earlier, I am reminded that the days of getting up at 6 and running in the Dell or up into the hills are disappearing fast. Soon my running will be of the fluorescent street variety, save for the weekends or when I can get out at a work lunchtime.



Mid September equinox coming soon , leaves changing colour, skies darkening and temperatures cooling, autumn is arriving.



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