Instagram interludes and everydayrunning*



May is racing along at a rate of knots with a lot happening. Although I am not training for any race this summer, I have taken part in two interesting smaller races in May and I am also part way through  a challenge to do 5k everydayinmay – which  I thought would be much easier and enjoyable than running every day in December, but have to admit I am finding a bit tough.


IMG_3588 IMG_3528 Thank goodness with this challenge can choose any form of ‘self powered’ activity as long as its a minimum of 5k (although some people are doing 10k ). You can opt for running, cycling, walking or swimming and without this flexibility  I would be really struggling. Work changes and work travel commitments are derailing me a bit – but seems a feeble excuse when May is one of the loveliest months of the year and with so many hours of daylight.

Anyhow, as a result blogging has fallen very far down the to do list although I am sharing my 5k endeavours elsewhere – and maybe later I will get around to writing up my races. I am enjoying being part of the everydayinmay group and have chosen to keep a record of my daily 5k via Instagram mostly.





I am late to the Instagram party and am finding it a new found friend. After all the general election malarkey and before that in Scotland the Independence referendum, I got a bit weary of Twitter. It stopped being a fun place to talk drivel and comment on TV  programmes and became a bit too serious for me. Nothing wrong with debate which I enjoy from time to time, and it is still a great place to keep on top of some stuff – but when life is pressured it can feel a bit toxic.




Instagram is a gentler place to be with less words and more pictures and by choosing to follow a small group of a particular kind of Instagrammer, I can fill my day with pictures of puppies, flowers, clouds and cake.




* 5k everyday movement 🙂

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