The dog ate my homework … again


fenceEarlier this evening ( or more accurately yesterday evening ) I went for a run with two of my good running chums, to complete my last run of the year, and the final day of my Marcothon or December running challenge.

arthurs seat reservoir

almost sunny selfieAs running streaks go it’s a fairly modest one, but always enjoyable to tick off a full month of continuous running, and more so in December with it’s short days and party demands.

comma Santa

Save for a few days, running this month has been fairly straightforward and injury free. I have opted mostly to keep to the minimum mileage of the challenge (3) and let myself off the hook in terms of pace so no injuries to speak of other than a tightening of calf muscles and a couple of tiny wee blisters.



shopping list

decks in the bathRunning has been easy, but writing less so . So  as the first hours pass of  a brand new year, it is maybe a good time to resolve to write more and apply some of my running commitment to writing.

foot roller


Dec running


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