Ella’s singing Christmas tunes and I am running every day – must be December

Russian dolls

Day 7 into December running and it looks like I have already failed to meet the ‘blog short and sweet and daily objective’  –  but truth is – some days just don’t offer much to write home about, or maybe I am wary of jinxing December running so early in the month.

Dec 3 - 5 Nike + So far the weather has been kind, my work schedule has been flexible and my running has fitted nicely into everyday life.

Edinburgh, Charlotte square, full moon

Lots of things are much the same as they have been in previous years, although the household background to daily December running has changed. This is the first year that we find ourselves home alone in early December as both our girls now live away from home for much of the year studying at university.

Thursday Dec 4

We are still getting the hang of a quieter household  peeling fewer potatoes and readjusting to having control of the TV remote. And in December it meant, after some soul-searching deciding to abandon our traditional advent calendar – a Christmas tree  shaped wall hanging we filled with small treats and gifts. A source of Christmas anticipation for us all and some early Christmas pressure for me in years past, hunting for 24 tiny gifts, usually on November 30th !

But with both girls elsewhere for much of the advent period, reluctantly it felt the right time to let go of this family tradition.

Mixologist Dome


Fri Dec 5

Sat Dec 6


Day 7 Nike +Now into my fourth year of running every day in December, it feels as if I have unwittingly  started  a small tradition of my own – and that is quite comforting in its own way.

As we get used to life as mostly empty nesters – it’s nice to look forward to the family traditions worth keeping, but free ourselves to start new ones too.

Days 3 – 3.15 – evening run with Lil and Alison. Dec total 9.66

Day 4 – 3.36 – early morning run before work nearby. Dec total 13.02

Day 5 – 5.07 – morning run with Alison – Balgreen route. Dec total 18.09

Day 6 – 5.05 -Dell , windy in places with Alison. Dec total 23.14

Day 7 – 4.04 – dell with Lil and Alison – blustery and snow shower. Dec total 27.18






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