Summer running – having some fun


bumble bee and flower

Well it looks like I have failed rule number one of blogging – write regularly and keep to a schedule but as I think rule number two might be something like don’t write rubbish just because you said you would blog regularly, I am going to let myself off the hook. It’s a tough old ask sometimes, trying to participate in life and find time to write about it although many do of course, which is impressive. There is some other mantra out there about making sure that your blog does what it says on the tin, so that would be ‘mostly talking about running’ , but since I said out loud that I was going to try to run 1000 miles this year, my running mileage seems to have decreased, so I guess that puts paid to another widely shared piece of advice – make your challenge public as then you are more likely to keep to it !

dog paddling

Maybe I am just a self-help failure 🙂

The weather in June has been pretty good in the UK, and in between not running as much as I should have and other life tasks, I have done lots of walking and also had a very enjoyable trip to Cambridge earlier in the month with my husband where we made our pilgrimage to Granchester Meadows ( but that’s for another time as it  maybe merits its’ own story).

weir in sunlight


Today the day after the longest day, and with none of my regular weekend running chums available, I slept late and went running mid morning. It was warm, with not a breath of wind, and being a bit later than I usually run I encountered a different crowd on my Dell route. It is interesting how being a creature of habit there are regulars we see each weekend, quite reassuring in a way.  I do often wonder if any of us weekend runners would recognise each other in our civilian clothes, should we pass by on Princes Street or similar.

in the sunshine

I had not been out on Friday or Saturday, and mindful of my low June mileage,I thought I should aim to do 5 or 6 miles, but equally mindful of the warm temperatures , I was trying to do this on the flattest route possible.

The Dell is good for this, so I took myself out a bit further than usual, beyond Currie Kirk enjoying the shade of the trees and some coolness from the Water of Leith. It was quite an enjoyable run and as always I felt good afterwards- full of endorphin generated belief in my running capabilities, and my general ability to deal with life. The joy of running!

Despite having a busy week ahead and hardly time to spare,I thought that getting to 60 + miles by the end of June was doable.

And that would leave me with only 100 miles each month from now till December …

run route




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