Mayday! Mayday!


Hawthorn blossom

Apologies for the attention seeking headline, but May is almost over and my running mileage is languishing in the low 50s and this despite it being a month of 31 days, long daylight and not so bad weather. It should not matter how many monthly miles I total, but I set myself a ‘secret’ challenge of trying to run 1000 miles this year, and each month that I do less than 75miles I am raising the target higher for the remaining months  – so 94 miles a month from now till Dec is doable – yes ?

granchester meadows panorama
Granchester meadows

As it is a secret challenge why should I care if I fail ( although I think I did say it out loud to my running buddy Alison), but the truth is for us deranged mildly obsessed folk these self-imposed challenges are often the hardest ones to renege on .


May 2 nike +



green tree

ragged robin

I don’t have a real excuse for low mileage in May except maybe a lingering leg niggle, and some work travel and keeping in mind the Edinburgh half – making me worry about aggravating said niggle, and then a new distraction – Fitbit. I gave in and joined the Fitbit community and my Fitbit targets are now all consuming , making me face each day with a choice between steps and runs . Of course runs are steps , but when you have a slightly dodgy leg, and work to fit round it is often easier to walk round the block to reach a daily step goal than to don running gear and do a few sweaty miles.

dark sky cow

primrose run

katrine view

Second apology of this post – this will be nonsense to those readers who have no knowledge of what Fitbit is and to those who do have knowledge, I accept this may seem like a mild form of madness.



But while  my running mileage has been on the average side,  I have been loving May and the joy of longer days, warm sun when it comes out, trees in full blossom, the beauty of sunshine and shower skies,birds nesting and tweeting , and the freshness and perfumes of early summer flowers that you catch as you brush past.

hawthorn path

polo fields panorama

All the more so in the evening.

Hawthorn ( or May), tree honeysuckle, rhododendrons, the last of the ransomes, bluebells, and the leaves on the trees are greener and fresher than in any other month.


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