Paris is for runners

Notre dame de Paris

As work trips go, one that includes a stop off in Paris is not too shabby, particularly this time I was going to be staying in central Paris and not as is oft the case on business trips, in some bland hotel chain located in the zone industriale.

paris, cyclists, sunshine

Notre Dame, Paris, door, cathedral
Notre Dame de Paris door
goats cheese salad
goats cheese and honey

I have become one of these people who travels everywhere with running kit, and am a big convert to this way of thinking. Running through the streets of a different city encountering fellow runners, taking in the sights and peering into windows – it’s a good way to get your bearings, and  get a feel for a different place. And not to mention the chance to add Paris to my small but growing collection of European capital city runs !

rooftops, paris
Parisian evening

Paris, restaurant , menu

It is a few years since I have been to Paris, and I had forgotten what a beautiful city it was – there is almost too much to take in – with gracious stately buildings, boulevards, bridges and statues at almost every turn. You have to hand it to Haussmann and Napoleon’s nephew, they certainly knew how to make an impact and to do town planning on a grand scale.

Paris boulevard River Seine

On something of a smaller scale my early morning run was to be a 3 mile loop along the Seine. I do like a city with a central river – for someone whose sense of direction is  best described as underdeveloped and ability to use Google maps is still a bit of a work in progress – I prefer to navigate ‘old style’ using clearly visible landmarks.

Boat on River Seine Paris
River Seine

Notre Dame dark sky

The other great thing about running as sightseeing is it gives the perfect excuse to stop and take pictures – which I was quite glad of in Paris as I am harbouring a small leg injury just now.

Pont des Arts
Pont des Arts

statue, Paris

Hopefully pictures speak louder than words, as even on a morning of flat grey skies Paris fulfilled its’ sobriquet of City of Lights.

love you lock

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