London run with a nod to Dickens

river, London, Thames


London, Hammersmith Bridge
Hammersmith Bridge

I was in London a few weeks ago, staying in the Hammersmith area. I quite like running in London and have found a nice route along the river that can be slotted into the working day. London is full of runners and when I was there it was just a few weeks before the London marathon, so maybe even more so. It was also the week before the Oxford and Cambridge boat race and along the section of the Thames between Hammersmith Bridge and Putney crews glided effortlessly cutting through the currents.

Run note London

At 7am it was raining quite heavily and the grey skies, early morning light and misty rain gave the place an almost Dickensian air. In London you are rarely far from the birthplace of a famous historical figure and early morning running makes it easy somehow to imagine the past.


historic plaque, London
Hammersmith plaque to Shaftesbury society

London underground station

Nike+ run note

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    1. Thank you! I am very lucky to be able to run in some lovely places, and of course it gives me lots of excuses to stop and take pictures. Perfect 🙂

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