My long running affair

Edinburgh Scott Monument
Scott Monument

Today I  took part in the Great Edinburgh run, and really enjoyed it. Of course I always feel good after a race is finished, but this is the first time I could honestly say I had enjoyed the race, there were no real wobbles or ‘why am I doing this moments?’, and when I got to the last mile I felt strong. ( It did help having a downhill final mile 🙂 )

So beyond the warm glow of post run euphoria, does this mean I have crossed some magical bridge to a place where races hold no fear – and after 5 years of practising I have eventually got the hang of running ? Or is it more likely one of those lovely times when many small good things coincide to create a sweet spot?

Anyway I am relishing the feeling of finishing a race and genuinely looking back at it with warm feelings. No ‘what ifs ?’ on this occasion. That in itself is something to be pleased about.

Edinburgh Royal Mile
Royal Mile

Me running up Royal Mile

Royal Mile Runners

The ten mile course took us through the heart of Edinburgh and was not for the faint hearted, as the route reflected the geography of a city built on seven hills. Yes we travelled up the Royal Mile, up the Mound, and up the Pleasance and not forgetting the nippy wee hill from the Meadows to Lauriston Place. We skirted Arthurs Seat but then we were rewarded with a last mile bonus of a downhill finish.

Edinburgh was cool and bathed in mist – its’ history and landscape peaking out from a low cloud base-  but with hardly a breath of wind and temperatures in single figures it was perfect for running. Pipers piped, music blared out, and race Marshalls encouraged.

Edinburgh, Arthurs Seat
Arthur’s Seat

alison on the home straight

I realised today that this race was taking place almost 5 years to the day since my first ever race, also in Edinburgh but just over half the distance. Back then I was pleased that I had completed the course and only walked once – and my 10k time was 1 hour 3 minutes 46 seconds, as it was my first race a PB for me and I thought quite respectable ( although even then I would have liked to have got under an hour) !

Race numbers
Then and now
Edinburgh Bupa 10k
First Race Edinburgh 10k
Edinburgh Meadows
Edinburgh Meadows

That first race marked the beginning of my love of running. I kind of stumbled into it, but despite an initial inauspicious start, I have stayed the course and my enjoyment of this new found hobby has gone from strength to strength. Like many affairs of the heart it has not been without its ups and downs, there has been laughter, pain and maybe even the odd tear, but throughout it all running and me have remained constant companions despite our occasional differences.

Euphoric Me!
Alison and me
Alison and me after race

Through running I have discovered strengths in myself I did not know I had, and have made friendships that have seen me through good times and bad. What other pastime allows you to share laughter, bare your soul or solve your worries at 8am on a weekend morning and keeps you fit and burning calories by way of a bonus ?

weekend runners
Weekend running friends
Edinburgh skyline
Edinburgh skyline

PS my 10 mile time  today was 1hr 40 min 54 seconds , which means that 5 years later I am still a 10 min mi pace girl  !

10 mile race Nike +
!0 Mile race Nike +


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  1. Well done! Wow that’s some achievement! 🙂 Looks like it was a great day for it too. You don’t want the sun beating down on you when you are running that far!

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