Inverness half – 10 mile milestone

Forth Bridge lost in mist
Forth Bridge lost in mist

In 21 days time hopefully I will be resting my weary bones after successfully completing the Inverness Half marathon. While not following any specific training plan, Alison and I have managed to fit in our long run most weeks and on Sunday 9 Feb we reached the 10 mile mark.

After the rain and wind of our 8 mile run, and an easier 9 mile effort to round off January, our 10 mile run was scheduled for Sunday.

No change of route on this occasion, but an extension of our usual weekend run along the Dell, an out and back to Balerno. I found it a bit hard initially as it is a gradual uphill and into the wind, but we kept each other going, and the return leg as always seemed easier.

By way of a nod to race preparation, I tried out a belt that can hold drinks, and it seemed OK – not flapping around too much – so although it is unlikely to be over-warm in Inverness I might keep that in mind if only to keep my jelly babies from melting!

I am on blogging catch up and my training ‘plan’ has been somewhat sidelined this week because of work and other events. Next week I have a couple of days holiday so hope to do 12 miles at some point then scale back before the race on March 9.

fading tulip

Can’t honestly say I have managed to slot in any of the extra training sessions or activities I would have liked, but so far I have not found the longer runs unbearable and although I am wary of tempting fate I imagine I will get round the course somehow.

Probably not one to attempt any PBs though πŸ™‚

10 mile

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