Amsterdam run

bike and bridge Amsterdam

Earlier this week I was in Amsterdam at a conference, and packed my running kit. Running does seem to have unearthed some hidden shortcomings qualities I thought were not in my make up, including it appears an almost trainspotter- like enjoyment I get from collecting different running routes.

Much as a bird watcher finds satisfaction in ticking off lists of species spotted, I now take a quiet pleasure in adding one more new route to my album of running.

I am lucky that my current job allows me to do this run exploring, and although some years back I might have sniffed at the alpha business types who packed their sports gear – now I have joined these ranks ( well the sporting bit at least )- I can see lots of reasons why it makes business travel more bearable.

boat in Amsterdam

canal Amsterdam

Running for even just 30 minutes is a great way to get some energy back after a day of meetings, or hours spent in airless conference rooms. At either end of the working day it clears your head and helps to make the time away from family more normal somehow.

I also think you get more a feel for the atmosphere of a place when you run through the streets, often off the main tourist routes. It’s nice to see how the real city lives and bump into fellow runners. And being the nosy person I am it is interesting to get a brief peek into other lives.


This time with it being too dark to run before breakfast ( I do try to err on the side of caution in unknown destinations ), and fitting round conference timings, I had to wait until the end of the first day before I got out to run but in many ways this was the perfect time. There was a lovely soft evening light and the temperature was quite warm for late October.

I did a nice 4 mile route along the river or waterside, passing by some interesting apartments and a variety of boats. I saw families coming home after a long day , children playing , lots of bicycles and a few runners. Amsterdam terrain is of course as flat as a pancake so for this Scottish runner that was a welcome bonus.

I was running in the eastern docklands area, as unfortunately I did not have the time to venture into central Amsterdam but with the dreamy evening light and not a breath of wind it was the best way to end the day.

amsterdam run

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  1. Your post brought back fond memories of running in Amsterdam a couple of years ago, another of my “lost” adventures. I too enjoy collecting running routes. I now use the app localeikki ( to find routes and running groups when I’m traveling. Thanks for stopping by.

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