It’s not a tornado – more like the doldrums

not a tornado

Mostly talking about running has  something of a hollow ring  to it when you don’t do any runs, and this month my mileage total by Sept 6 is a measly 2.11

These things happen and this week whilst not running I have been rekindling an old exercise love, as spurred on by a company ‘cycle to work week challenge’  I have cycled from home to the train station and back on two days – so not quite a whole week, but a good taster and 10 miles cycling topping and tailing a work day.

cycle canal path
cycle path

I had been thinking about doing this for months  – no  probably years – well definitely since I started this job-  but it took this nudge and whisper of a challenge to get me making the effort.

Although I found it a bit of a palaver thinking about what to wear that was bike and Scottish weather proof, getting a lock and casting aside my fear of traffic, I really enjoyed it, and will definitely try to slot in the odd cycle to work day from now on.

city view Edinburgh
city morning

Maybe this is what I need from running – much as I love my weekly regular running appointments to just keep me ticking along and catching up with friends , I think I am in the running doldrums and maybe need to find a new challenge whether a race or some running list to tick off.


In the meantime I got myself out today and did 4 pacy miles while my daughter played hockey, and tomorrow my good running chum and mentor returns from a fitness holiday , so perhaps between us we will find a goal to focus on.

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