14 miles, thousands of words and one dinner

big tree

This weekend I ran eight and a bit miles and walked for six, but even though I like to keep a tally of monthly miles to satisfy my inner running geek and target monthly running goals, the best thing about this weekend was the time spent chatting and laughing with friends.

Maire and viewlillies on loch

So far I don’t think there is an app to measure the number of words exchanged, or jokes shared, memories recalled, but if there was one, it would need to include a happiness index or similar.

in between running and walking  on Saturday evening I cooked a nice dinner for friends we have not seen for some months, lots of eating and catching up on travel tales. Menu was antipasti, baked salmon and sticky toffee pudding . Yum

My running is a bit in the doldrums just now or maybe I am in running parlance ‘between challenges’ . My fitness and weight loss efforts have definitely plateaued and correspondingly my blogging seems to have hit the buffers, as it seems a bit pointless to drone on about more of the same.

loch view

But this past weekend while I did not achieve any running PBs or really cover any new ground, I had the best of times, and glad as ever to be able to mix running or exercise generally with friendship.

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