In praise of ordinary – weekend running

Portrait forsythia

It’s easy to write about a run taken in a different town or country, with scenic landscapes and memorable landmarks, but although my job gives me opportunity to travel and try running  in different places, my favourite runs are when I run with my friends at the weekend.

Rosie, Linda, Alison

It is hard to explain to non runners just how important these weekend runs are for all of us, and certainly for me – it is what keeps me on the straight and narrow and my head in a good place.

verdant Dell

Weekends I run early at 8 or 8.30 and usually on the same route – there are 3 or 4 of us who run each weekend with one or two others joining from time to time as their own schedule permits. It’s a fluid and relaxed ‘club’ of women, who all have lots of other demands on their time but all make time for running.

There is something reassuring about covering the same path most weekends – watching the seasons change, glimpses of wildlife, fellow runners and dog walkers, running and chatting about all manner of things.


You can talk about a lot of life on a 30 minute run.

alison and Linda snow in Jan 2013

As Alison says what other social gathering allows you to spend 30 or 40 minutes with a good friend , catching up on news, but without a scrap of make up and no need to worry about what to wear.


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