Big Dutch skies and dreaming of summer

hailstonesThis has been a week of different horizons.

I spent much of the week in the Drenthe region of Holland – a land of flat landscapes and big skies.With little else to distract, my eye was drawn upwards to the the changing clouds somehow the skies seem wider and bigger – grey, white, blue and pink constantly moving.

Dutch skies
Dutch skies

Holland offers an interesting if different landscape to my usual horizon, and the unrelenting flatness takes some getting used to.

Coming home to Edinburgh, for once I properly took in the surrounding hills, funny how you only really appreciate something when it’s not around for a day or two.

Forth Bridge April 13

I always enjoy my Friday commute to work crossing the Forth Bridge, two journeys are rarely the same. Likewise a favourite walk in the Pentlands always brings changing views and some small point of difference no matter how often I tread the same path.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder – in landscape as in everything.

After a long winter it looks as if Spring is eventually on its way, and two weekend runs in the Dell with friends has lifted my spirits – sun shining,wild garlic making its mark and trees bursting into bud.

Pentlands sky
Pentlands sky

I am no weather soothsayer, but maybe this summer will be a warm one, where I can cast off my long sleeved running tops and we will enjoy chilled drinks before sultry evenings around Barbeques with friends and family.

On that optimistic note, today, using blackcurrants found languishing in the freezer, I made a start on some home-made Cassis – likely to be ready in July – just in time for the heat wave.


Cheers everyone!

2 thoughts

  1. You can’t beat a walk in the Dell, we were there last week with the dogs and the smell of the wild garlic was incredibly strong…wonderful sign of spring! Love your cloud photo…very Edinburgh 🙂

    1. Thank you – as ever head in the clouds 🙂 Sometimes I think I should make time to walk in the Dell to properly savour the senses, but as I run there pretty much every week of the year I do feel I know its varying moods.( and I am not a fast runner ). Thanks as ever for your comments, I really apreciate the feedback.

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