5 miles – just keep on stretching

luv to run

My sister, who lives with a runner but chooses the more elegant swimming as her exercise of choice , once said that the trouble with runners was that they were always talking about their black toenails and dodgy knees.

It’s true that if you visit running forums you will encounter a good sprinkling of injury discussion peppered with remedy advice and of course denial. “Well it’s not really stopping me running it’s really more of a niggle” or “it’s fine once I ice it and after a couple of miles it eases off”- sound familiar ?  Yes, I like many fellow runners, have quite possibly uttered both of these statements, or variations of the same and am guilty as charged when it comes to ignoring the niggle that then becomes an injury.

blue sky snow

I am not sure why I don’t listen to reason and sensible advice when it comes to running,the only real excuse is that my running is much more than exercise, and the thought of missing my regular runs with friends often outweighs the thought of discomfort.


This time I took heed of  my post December running niggle, and took a full 8 days off running , revisited stretching and booked myself an appointment with a physio. Much as I enjoyed the challenge of running every day, I reckon some combination of daily running, cold weather, lack of stretching and maybe my advancing years mean it is not such a good idea to miss out on rest days.

As the date of the Inverness Half marathon edges ever closer, I am reducing my running frequency and resetting my expectations for race day. current expectation = complete race !!


I had not run further than 4 miles for several weeks , so with the thought of 13.1 miles on the not so distant horizon, this  Sunday I was determined to get to the magical 5 mile mark.

It was just the two of us running on Sunday, and the weather was breezy to put it mildly , so the outward leg of the route was into a headwind – making my tired legs feel even more sluggish.  But Alison was happy to stop and stretch a few times, and somehow we made it to the half way point, then down hill all the way back with the wind at our heels.

lonely shoe
lonely shoe

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