snowy race training ….of sorts

snowy tracks

car temp sat 19After days of anticipation there was quite a snowfall across much of the UK on Friday, so on Saturday morning I woke to a blanket of snow, probably around 10cm deep. I have not been running this week, for a few reasons but mostly because I have developed a strain in my hamstring or somewhere thereabouts.

Of injuries to have this sounds very much like the kind of injury a real sportswoman might get, but as with most aches and pains of the amateur runner, I am not really sure what is going on. Suffice to say it is hampering my running enjoyment but of slightly more concern I am signed up for a half marathon on March 17 – just over 8 weeks away and training thus far has been limited.

snow sign colinton dell

me in snowy dell jan13

alison and Linda snow in Jan 2013

To try and fix the injury I decided to take the week off running so Saturday was my first run in 8 days, and I was delighted – no stupidly excited – to be running in the snow.

fencepost snowman

When the snow is of the powdery kind, it is soft underfoot and the landscape is transformed into a winter wonderland making our regular route magical. And as a bonus  snowy landscapes demand lots of stops to take pictures, so perfect for easing me back into running after a short layoff.

big snowy sky and hillreservoir and snowsnow run

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