Revolutionary January

Edinburgh blue skyUp and down the land a revolution is happening as goals are written and resolutions pledged. Footsoldiers of the health improvement and life change armies collectively sign up to do less bad and do more good, and meanwhile as the days slip by I find myself running out of the life reforming month, with no goals to follow and life aimlessly drifting along.


I used to be a big fan of writing my New Year Resolutions but when I looked back on my start of year commitments , I found they all said much the same thing – be nicer, get organised ( haha ) eat better, drink less, get fit , learn a language, get a new job, save the world ( think I only added that last one in case my diary was ever published post-mortem ).  I came to the conclusion that if I had to keep writing the same guff year after year, I was not making life changing progress and really all I was doing was reminding myself of my shortcomings.

So I have pretty much given up on resolutions, but do have some goals, mostly running orientated.

  1. Run a half marathon without feeling I want to kill someone/myself after mile 9
  2. Get over my Parkrun bogey and do a minimum of 5 in 2013
  3. If I fall back in love with Parkrun, try to get PB below 27 minutes
  4. Run some different places ( very vague I know, but I must have one goal that I know is pretty much achievable)
  5. Start reading books again and read a minimum of 10 by the end of the year
  6. Go to see one film a month
  7. Tidy the ridiculous pile of papers, books etc at the side of my bed (see number 5 )

China track and field

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