Snow running

The other night I was looking for pictures of me with my running chums and almost all the pictures I had seemed to be taken in the snow. I do live in Edinburgh but contrary to what some might believe it is not permanently snowing in Scotland !

Nor is it true that I have developed a following for the niche sport ‘snow running’, but as I have found out when trying to combine running and writing, it is often tricky to remember to take to time to stop and take pictures.

Running at the weekend with friends we run and chat and yes – if we see a deer or heron, or something unusual we would probably stop, wrestle out the iPhone and take a picture- but mostly we are lost in the moment.

But snowy days are different – it brings out the child in you and those around too – maybe we see a kindred spirit in fellow runners who are out regardless of weather, but it is not just runners – in the snow the dog walkers, the non dog walkers and mountain bikers all seem more convivial on a snowy day.

snow runners

The landscape is magical and it seems just fine and almost essential to stop and take pictures. It is only October 4 and so far no snow, but although it brings ‘travel chaos’ and mushy paths I for one heart running in snow 🙂

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