Reasons to love Dunfermline

Dunfermline railway station

I live in Edinburgh and work in Dunfermline. Dunfermline is one of many handsome Scottish towns with a rich history, although these days it is now probably thought of mostly as a commuter town for Edinburgh , which fails to see the whole picture.

Birthplace of Andrew Carnegie and long before that Scotland’s  ancient capital it is  central to Scotland’s history being home and burial place of saint ( Queen ) Margaret and with an historic Abbey it is much more than a dormitory town for the upstart capital.

Dunfermline abbey

The town has more  than its fair share of public green spaces and Victorian architecture, has a thriving football team and many magnificent bakers.

Stephen’s bakery

Stephens bakery holds the current title of winner- steak bridie and morning roll, and on an autumnal  day when skies are grey, lunch from Stephens is a welcome treat.



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