October 3 – happiness is…

Writing something every day is both a similar and quite different challenge to running every day,  as both require a level of discipline and planning and make you exercise muscles that you have forgotten you have.

Day 3 of postaday , and my writing muscles are definitely a bit rusty – and again I am posting this at 11.30 pm when I should really be in bed.

This 50th year has been one of firsts , and today I had my first mammogram. I can be quite a worry wart, especially over heath matters  and of course although I am mostly enjoying life as a 50 year old, some reminders of age are not so welcome.

I decided to walk part of the way to the screening centre and on a crisp autumnal day, was reflecting on how good it is to live in a country where in my lifetime there have been so many improvements to our health service and understanding of life threatening illnesses.

Sometimes it is worth remembering and celebrating the really good work that is done daily by the NHS. My experience was positive, with a radiographer who was the right combination of reassuring and professional.



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