Two miles, two bridges and one fabulous sunrise


sunrise run picI was in London last week at a marketing conference and staying in the City – full of great intentions to fit in a run. But on the first day thanks to my inability to follow Google maps and dreadful sense of direction, I spent way too much time and a not inconsiderable number of miles walking past  some quite splendid buildings so was just too tired to add in a run.

runners along the Thames bank

old and new 2

But on the second day I woke early and decided it was now or never

My hotel was close to the river so I thought a run across London Bridge then along a section of the Thames path crossing Tower Bridge would make a nice easy route, and no chance of getting lost with Old Father Thames to guide me.

view from London bridge 2

Stepping out at 6.30 am – the sky overhead was grey and unremarkable, but as I turned onto London Bridge the light looking towards Tower Bridge was soft and painterly, with a notion of a Turner picture.

sunrise and red pavement

Then as I crossed the bridge and ran along by the river, the sky changed from pale pinky grey, to deep pink, then red and orange – creating one of the best sunrises I have seen.

I think the pictures sum it up better than I can

London sunrise

Perfect runner’s treat.






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