That’s it all over for another year


So yesterday was the first day since November 29 when I did not run, and I had the most amazing night’s sleep. This was probably more to do with recovering from Hogmanay ( Dec 31st) excesses than my December running, but it was a good sleep anyhow.

My fellow Marcothoner and all time/ all weather running buddy Alison, has kept on running, and it did feel a tiny bit odd to miss my daily run yesterday, but I always planned to take some rest after Jan 1st.

Right now it seems that everyone is signing up to become a better person some how – whether through exercise, improved eating, giving up booze, getting a new job etc. etc.

outdoor gym

Alison on outdoor gymJanuary and a new year, is I accept, a more plausible time to commit to a change and a self-improvement challenge, with a new year creating a clean sheet –  but I think it’s precisely because December is such a daft time to try adding more ‘to do’ to your ‘to do’ list  that  I am drawn to running every day in December. It is  counter intuitive running madness – like making yourself become the headless chicken you are trying to escape from !

Anyhow it’s over for another year, and I made it to the end of December and the end of another year in one piece and with a 106 miles covered in the month, a few more than 2012.

running shoes

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