East coast light and an Easter picnic


This winter seems to be lingering or maybe writing about running outdoors just makes it seem that way.


gullane 2

For whatever reason I do seem to have used the word grey quite a lot recently, as it is a long time since I have felt the sun on my back or looked up to  white clouds and blue skies.outcrop

But grey can have its own appeal and none more so than at the seaside. The East coast light in Scotland has a muted beauty even when skies are grey. This Sunday the bitterly cold wind held off long enough for us to build up an appetite for our Easter picnic, eaten in true Scottish style in the car with windows steaming.



3 thoughts

  1. Lovely Gullane, but no sunshine 😦 The light here on the East Coast is beautiful though. If you take a look at my post ‘Sea Rock Tales’ you’ll see some photos of the same stretch of beach 🙂

    1. I do love the light as I am an East coast girl- wanted to post something that did not include snow as have found recent eternal cold hard work ! Your pictures are lovely and I like what you have done with the layout of images. I will have a look at Sea Rock Tales.:)

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