Fellow runners I salute you !

10k runners meadowsWhen I was pregnant with my first child I was amazed at just how many other women seemed to be pregnant. Every where I looked there seemed to be women in various stages of pregnancy, or mothers with prams – where had they all been hiding until this time ?

And now that I am a runner I see runners everywhere, and I find it brings on one of two responses.

running foot

If I too am heading out on a morning run, particularly if it is cold or dark or wet, or I am hungover, and am questioning whether I can really be bothered running- I find the unspoken camaraderie of fellow runners reassuring.

As I pass them I say to myself – “I am not the only one getting out of my cosy bed to run – others are equally motivated/ driven/ mad” ( delete as appropriate).

Alison in snow

Inverness half marathon

But if I am not running that day, I seem to see even more runners and I then question why I am not also out for a run.

If we are in the car I will bore my fellow passengers by commenting on the passing runners ; “look there is someone out running ” or ” it looks like a lovely evening for a run ”  even inventing uninformed back stories  – ” I expect they are training for the insert upcoming race , I thought about entering that one” etc etc.

Linda and Alison

This commentary is not always appreciated by my family and fellow passengers.

Running envy may be something only I suffer from, but I suspect not. So fellow runners, I thank and salute you for keeping me running.

cirrus clouds

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