Travel training intervals

Fired up by my weekend running success and a spell of high pressure, I thought I would try out a Nike+ training mix. Alison has been singing the praises of this mix of music and motivation, she finds it a good training aid and companion when real chums are in short supply.

Was travelling to Holland on a business trip on Tuesday so to try and offset the anticipated full fat dinner later in the day, a run before breakfast seemed a good plan.

It’s a novel way to start the day, no time for a cup of tea before hitting the pavements and tuned in to my American coach. Was a lovely cold crisp day and even at 6.20 the sky was blue-ish. My American gentleman coached and cajoled me first to run at just below race pace, and then to push myself for 1minute x5 then run steadily again. In no time 30 minutes had whizzed past and I seemed to survive.

I was sceptical about this, and nervous about my ability, but it was more fun than i expected and of course as ever, making the effort to run before breakfast always sets you up for the day.

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