Sunshine, sardines and making the list

Making the List

It is two full months since I finished my run every day June challenge, and as with my December running , I seem to have fallen off the blogging cliff as soon as I cast off my running shoes.

morning run view , Italy

Of course I have not really cast off my running shoes as I have simply reverted back to my regular running schedule, and this summer I think I am happy to describe myself as a runner, and not just someone who ‘does a bit of running’. No further challenges embarked upon but by way of ‘firsts ‘ I have for the first time, managed to justify the excess baggage of kit taken on holiday, as while I did not run every day in Italy, I did run 4 or 5 times in the course of a 10 day break .

pretty tin

Another first for me – I took part in an Edinburgh Festival event, when one night with many other fellow runners  I took part in NVA Speed of Light. This adventure had me playing a small part in a performance on Arthur’s Seat – two hours of hill running wearing a light suit. Quite the most exhausting and exhilarating thing I have done as a runner – and hard to describe how chuffed I felt to be a part of it.

In between I made the most of the summer when not working, enjoying time with my girls and trying to catch some of the cornucopia of culture that Scotland offers in the summer months.

In July I visited Diane Dawson’s excellent art exhibition ‘Making the List’, as part of the Merchant City art festival in Glasgow.

Diane Dawson painting
NVA Speed of light
Light suits – NVA Speed of light

Lots to write about, but somewhere along with the routine of daily running I lost the routine of writing.

Today is the start for many ( or to be precise day 2 ) of another challenge – 5 X 50. The objective here is to complete 5k of exercise – walking, jogging, running or cycling every day from Sept 9 – Oct 28, 50 days . Having been alerted to this a while back, and then reminded again on Saturday, I did think about taking part- hovering over the sign up page like someone in need of a fix.

sardine lunch
work lunch

But I decided against it – as after my June and December efforts , I could see that committing to  run every day was making me lose some of my running love, and although in this 5 x 50 challenge you can mix it up a bit with walking or cycling , I decided I did not want to follow that road this time.


But wandering around WordPress , I found quite possibly a harder challenge for me to sign up for- The Daily Post. Could I manage to write a daily blog post  in October and if I did would my writing muscles then be flexible enough for the November madness of NaNoWriMo

Maybe a step too far, but certainly something I am thinking about

Lake Garda sign and view

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    1. Ha ha, yes indeed and – yes they do look a bit spooky hanging up. Alas did not manage to get many good pictures when doing the performance, but have many good ones in my head.

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