Flaming June – oh how we laughed

It is day 16 of the running in June challenge and so far June has not really lived up to its promise of endless summer evenings and warm days. Did those only happen when I was stuck in a library studying for exams – or is this another trick of ageing ? In any event I am feeling quite short changed by the month and if I was dishing out school reports would  have to say ‘could try harder’. I am that person who relishes running in all weathers and does not like it to be hot, but come on – there is only so much rain and cold miserable weather a girl can take.

Dreich Saturday

Wet weather also creates some extra stresses – I use my iPhone and Nike Plus app to record the runs and when its raining I find myself worrying about the phone getting wet and of course you can not just stop to take a picture.

It is funny but at this stage of the challenge I start thinking why am I doing this – it’s totally self imposed and now seems pointless- but maybe that IS the point- as by questioning whether I find making myself run daily is really any fun- I  realise that I what I like about running is the socialibility of it ; running through lovely places – seeing a deer, or a bird and feeling the different seasons, and I am not really bothered about what pace I can run at.

So it transpires  I am not a true runner complete with competitive  sinews, but I do love the feeling you get after a run, and the head space you have when you are running. And  maybe I don’t need to run every day to prove this. I HEART running.

But that said – I am on day 16 and I am going to get myself to day 30, because a deal is a deal.

So Saturday met up with Alison and Linda and the rain was pelting down, but we don’t have an option to postpone, so off we go thinking it might ease off but of course it just gets heavier and pretty soon we are all soaked to the skin, still chatting through it all,rain dripping off our eyebrows and running down our noses.  At our turning point we met Rosie – out with her ‘spots ‘ – 2 Dalmatian dogs, she runs with us for a while and we talk about the madness and delight of running in the rain then turn back to finish our route.

There is running in the rain in a lovely refreshing kind of way and then here is the run when every part of you is soaked through, and when you go into the car you squelch. This run was the latter- but enjoyable all the same.


Day 16 3.11 miles Total mileage 51.76

Sunday the rain had eased off and at our usual time of 8.30 it was lovely in the Dell, rain washed and fresh. We did our usual 3 mile circuit and caught the best of the day , as not long after the heavens opened again.

runners breakfast and ‘free standing’ toast

Later in the day the sun came out so I took the chance to make a summery meal of tray baked salmon , home made mayonnaise and a cake for Midsummer – I am the eternal optimist.


Day 17  3.10 miles Total mileage 54.86

When doing a similar running every day challenge in December, my good running buddy Alison and I managed to find time to run together – often early morning – which in the depth of winter was no mean feat. But this time it has been harder for us to co-ordinate our times – I seem to have had lots of business trips or commitments  that mean an early run is not feasible.

it has stopped raining

But this Monday we decided to run at 6.30 and of course as it is summer in Scotland with the wonderful long days we can run in the Dell. After all the bad weather of the weekend I was  prepared for a deluge, but maybe the early birds do catch both the worm and the best of the day, as at 6.30 the sun was out, birds were chirping and after the rain of the weekend everywhere was a lovely fresh and sparkly green.

At that time in the morning I do sometimes feel my legs quite heavy , but with company and early morning sunshine was soon zipping along our 3 mile route. Met a few dog walkers and felt we had to stop to take a picture almost just because it was not raining! Alas I have not yet mastered the photogenic when out running look, so I hit the delete button which means  you will have to take my word for it that I was out taking in the sunshine, the trees, the birds and the chat before many of you had even woken.

Day 18 3.02 miles Total mileage 57.88

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