Week 2 – Follow that torch

sunny morning canal

Wednesday 13 and the Olympic torch is in Scotland, what’s more the sun is shining. Thought I would take the train today as the torch relay was likely to make the road journey tricky and this also gave me a chance to fit in some of my 3 mile run on the way to work.

When I travel by train I take a bus then get off a few stops early and walk along the canal to the station. At any time of year it is a nice alternative to walking on the pavements as you are traffic free save for the commuting cyclists, and before 8 am the birdsong is in full voice. June rainy weather has led to a growth spurt and the paths and canal are bordered by lush greenery.

Today I had decided to try and run part of the route, but as 14 days of continuous running was taking its toll, I had allowed myself the treat of run/walking. I am a novice when it comes to running with a rucksack and was trying to get some balance between getting my miles in and arriving at work looking like a sweaty Belisha beacon.

My walking pace is quite brisk, but I did run quite a bit of the way, which meant I managed 2.27 miles at 11′.34″/ mi ( but alas I did still look like a Belisha beacon)

moorhen crossing

Later that afternoon the torch relay was due to come through Dunfermline and given that this is a rare occurrence we, along with many others, left our desks to line the streets. For once the weather was kind – sunny even – so there was a good atmosphere and after the cavalcade the torch bearer arrived flanked by her grey lycra clad minders. I thought it was quite exciting, even if the preamble of sponsors’ vans felt like a low cost version of the Tour de France caravan publicitie. It is certainly not something you see in Dunfermline every day.

Edinburgh torch excitement

The sun was still shining as I travelled home later that day and as I still had 0.73 of my mileage to complete, I decided to run back home along the canal. In direct contrast to the peace of the morning, walking along the canalside at 6pm on a sunny evening is pretty busy. Today to add to the usual bikes, prams and dog walker combination there were helicopters buzzing overhead and there seemed to be a general hub bub in the air.

Turns out that the torch relay was close to the canal; keen to get a second glimpse of the hullabaloo I sprinted ( ha ha ) along to where there seemed to be  a crowd and a few minutes later the torch passed.

evening canal

So a run of two halves with a double torch bonus thrown in for good measure.

2.27 miles + 1.22 miles = 3.49 Total mileage 42.39

Day 14

Thursday the sun was still out and I was running with Linda and Alison after work, we exchanged torch relay tales and made the most of the sunshine as the clouds looked ominous. Running after work certainly blows away and stresses and although as the week goes on  the temptation to head home to a glass of wine is a big draw, the wine always tastes even nicer after a run.

Day 14 3.07 miles Total mileage 45.46

Friday – temperature drop

To say the weather this month has been disappointing is a bit of an understatement, true living in Scotland I know that sunny days and balmy nights are rarely guaranteed,but this month the weather has often  seemed more like autumn than summer. After two lovely and warm days – woke on Friday to a big drop in temperature – car thermometer read 7 degrees , which I am sure  is colder than it was on a couple of the days I ran in December.

It was a blustery, cold day and I was going to have to run alone in the evening after work. As someone who never regrets a run, I have to say this combination was not helping my motivation. But today was day 15 , so once this was completed I would have reached the half way point and it would be metaphorically downhill all the way to July.

Motivation came instead from him indoors who was preparing a runners feast – steak & mushrooms on ciabatta, salad and a lovely bottle of Pinot Noir. The sooner I could get out and back , the sooner I would be tucking into a home cooked meal with feet up watching the football.

Once out as ever it was fine, and although not as much wildlife in evidence as the previous week , another 3 miles in the bag.

Day 15 3.19 miles Total mileage 48.46

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