Roving round London, keeping left on escalators and back home running


With both shock and relief the temperatures dropped this week making London commuting much nicer for me and many others I am sure. I have not quite got into a rhythm of running or proper exercise when I am in London mostly because I can’t seem to get out of bed early enough to fit in a decent run before work and don’t always have time ( or the inclination ) in the evening.

heading south
early in Ealing

So exercise when in London is walking and walking and stair climbing and stepping briskly up and down escalators on the LEFT-HAND SIDE – yes I conquered that small fear – Bravo to me!

I have also perfected the technique of trolley bag running   – safer than running with scissors –  except perhaps for those on my path. An essential when cutting it fine to catch the train home.

lunchtime walk

Last night on the return journey north I got chatting to a fellow passenger and runner and she gave me some run routes to try when I am next back in London and encouraged me to embrace run commuting. Giving me insider tips on routes to minimise road crossings, slow walking crowds and parks to try even when dark ( turns out they have the lights on ).

That will be for next week- today I was back in Edinburgh running on home turf with regular run companion Alison. Beautiful day for running – cold, clear air, sun and blue skies.


And breathe


2 thoughts

  1. And here you are again, two months in a row now!! 😉
    I’ve enjoyed running in new cities I’m getting to know, counting on my traveller’s anonymity to shield me from any self-consciousness about weaving around well-dressed shoppers in my sweaty state. It would be rather different if I had to be at work in that city — a running commute is all very well if there’s a shower and a comfortable place to change at the other end, but you’d then have to pack along the clothes to change into. . . .I think your compromise of walking and hustling up escalators and hauling your case along is what I’d probably default to as well (if, that is, I was still able to run — still hoping I’ll get back to that!)

    1. Yes – trying to get back on a blogging groove, small steps – like lots of other stuff. Hip is niggling but I am trying to ignore it.
      I have done a bit of run commuting – but if in London I would be doing it as much to avoid using the Underground for part of the journey at rush hour – then only have a short train journey to my hotel and lovely shower or bath.
      Does mean my fellow train passengers have to endure my post run glow _ will just keep my distance 🙂

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