Decemberism – the sequel

snow fence in Pentlands

Last year I started my blogging life in December as a way of recording my attempt at running every day in Dec  as part of the  marcothon challenge, and because I love December so wanted an excuse to put all sorts of Festive pictures and nonsense I came across.

Twelve months have passed and while I have been pretty consistent with my running my blogging output is rather ad hoc. But not phased by my somewhat disappoining running every day in June effort, I am taking part in the December running challenge again-and I reckon unless I break a leg or something I should manage it.

I will make an effort to blog consistently about it in my seasonal blog Decemberism

For non runners out there I know it probably seems mad, and even for runners it possibly seems a tall order to run EVERY day in Decemeber – what with all the parties, dismal weather, short days and the like, but that for me is the point.

And my chance of success is raised by having companions both real and virtual. My  running chum Alison is taking part and our other reguar running companions will dip in and out throughout the month. And  marcothon   has got a website and a great  Facebook communiity so it’s good to know there are hundreds of fellow December runners up and down the land out there – especially on those days when it looks dark, cold, wet, icy, windy ….

Snow runner
Snow runner

2 thoughts

  1. Good luck with your challenge – it’s very impressive! I don’t think I could do it in December with the cold, snow and darkness!

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