June running – let’s get this show on the road

After the excitement of travel in France I was looking forward to my weekend runs with my running chums. Every Saturday  and Sunday there are a few of us who run together in the Dell – a trail that runs along the Water of Leith. It follows the route of a suburban railway so is pretty flat and being soft underfoot is easy on the legs.

Garden peony

On Saturday, day 2 of June running , despite my late night run of the previous evening I had a spring in my step as I had lots of chat to catch up on and running with friends is always more enjoyable.

Most Saturdays our crew will consist of myself, Alison and Linda, but the group expands and contracts depending on who else is around. This Saturday our group started off small being just myself and Alison but on the return leg we met Lil and Emma + dog who had collected each other en route.

After our run I headed home to spend much of the day reading papers,listening to the radio and generally slothing as that’s the good thing about running in the morning, it gives you a warm glow of smugness for the rest of the day !

Cup of tea

Day 2 4.01 miles Total mileage 7.25

On Sundays Lil often joins us,and she is by far the fittest of us all, and I have to say running with Lil at a slightly faster pace has probably helped my running although I do sometimes dread trying to keep up with her. This Sunday we had big turnout as a friend of Alison and Linda’s joined us, so our mini club run made its way along the Dell and got the best of the weather as although damp no rain.

Meadows festival

Later that afternoon I was persuaded by him indoors to visit the Meadows Festival, this is a annual event featuring a mix of music, fun fair and lots of stalls selling bric a brac and vinyl records.I quite enjoyed trawling through the stalls and managed to spend £ 20 on a curious collection of : 3 scarves, 2 Pelican paperbacks – ‘The Vocabulary of Politics’ by T D Weldon and ‘Genetics’ by H Kalmus, a Portmeiron casserole dish, and a photo album complete with photos from 1930s and the jubilee in 1936.

Meadows festival trawl

Day 3 3.83 miles Total mileage 10.78

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