That’s it for another year – screeching into 2018

Got the last day of the year off to a great start by completing my last run of the month and year with my best running chums. Has been a big year for me on the running front and a few other areas.

So to be brief – very pleased to have ticked off goals of:

1. running a full marathon and 2. running a half in sub 2 hours, and 3. once more running every day in December.

But as always my favourite running memories were had running with friends.

Happy New Year !

4 thoughts

  1. Happy New Year! What a fab year of running you’ve had, I hope 2018 brings you more running adventures and that you aren’t really semi-retiring 😉
    I love that photo at the top 🙂

        1. No more marathons in pipeline – although I am slightly tempted by Loch Ness. Injury is really due to me not doing any other exercise ( core and flexibility ) and old age I fear 😦

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