Full moon and a twinkling tree – half way point

Big moon

As is the usual pattern at this time in December I am entering the mildly hysterical phase of festive planning-  when I recant ‘to do’ lists in my head over and over, wander aimlessly around busy shops, buy nothing, then frantically check latest online delivery order dates.

Plans to make exotic condiments to grace the Christmas table are abandoned and as ever my Christmas achilles heel – writing Christmas cards stays undone.

I remember why each year I plan to just finish working no later than Dec 10th  ( 🙂 ) and take the rest of the time off to get on top of it all – maybe next year.

Work does get in the way of my life sometimes.

But in the midst of this all I have been running daily and enjoying my runs. It certainly helps to clear my head, and I think gives my list compiling the edge !

Not wanting to tempt fate but this year there is not sign of niggle or injury and when I am running it feels easier somehow. I just hope this can continue into January when I will be training properly for the Inverness half marathon.

Last night was a beautiful clear, crisp night with a big moon and I did a 3 mile route including a welcome stop to capture my favourite twinkling tree.

Day 16 3.29  December total 57.8 miles

christmas tree
Twinkly blurry tree

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