Running undercover

I am not long back from a lovely sunny holiday in Ibiza. As is my new holiday habit, I took my running kit with me and despite the 30+ degree heat, I managed to go out on a few short runs.

While I love my regular runs back home, I always like running in a different place. Of course you can explore a new destination as a tourist on foot at walking pace, but there is something about putting on my running clothes and going out for a run- often early in the day – that makes me feel I am temporarily a local and getting a different sense of the destination.

Regardless of where I am running – early in the morning I will encounter much the same collection of folk – dog walkers, boot camp exercisers, shift workers , early morning night time revellers on the way home – if it is a city, the quiet army of people who clear up after the night before or set up for the new day, and of course fellow runners.


3 thoughts

  1. This is very true and is one of the things I love about running and how it makes me explore further.Sorry I am so slow to reply, have let my blogging lapse recently, but think you for reading and your nice comment.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I feel the same way about running on holiday, in a different place. It used to be a time when I was happy to change my routine, take a break from running, but the last few years I’ve loved the way that running in a place I’m visiting seems a way of claiming it somehow as my temporary home.

  3. The ‘Sol y Mar’ sign at the top of your post took me back two decades to a stay at a hostel in Huanchaco Bay Peru named the Sol y Mar. Lovely proprieties and delicious food.

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